Together, we’ll address one of the main reasons
expecting mothers experience depression symptoms.

Avoid These Perfectionism Tendencies

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“Women’s Emotional Health is Critical.”

- Dr. Dawn Kingston

It is the foundation of healthy families. It is our goal and passion to ensure that all women receive effective, appropriate help – when and where they need it.


The Hope Project

A tool designed to support expecting moms in a lot of different ways, the Hope App can help you whenever you need it, wherever you are.


Pregnancy Brain Blog

The Pregnancy Brain Blog is updated regularly with blog posts designed to help women in pregnancy and their loved ones navigate successfully through the unique stresses that affect emotional health.

The Big Four

We have identified four areas that can be addressed to promote strong emotional health in pregnancy. We will be updating the blog and releasing resources to assist you in the following areas:


A support system built on trust with partners, family and friends.

Guilt & Perfectionism

If you have a history of perfectionistic tendencies, you are at greater risk for depression and anxiety in pregnancy.

Stress Management

Stress can be reduced to a manageable level with techniques.

Mental Health History

Studies show that women who have a history of anxiety and depression are 5-12 times more likely to develop depression again in pregnancy.

There is an overwhelming number of women experiencing post-partum depression. This is not OK. 

While there are services in place to help women deal with post-partum depression, I believe that this is too little, too late. 

Experiencing anxiety or depression does not mean there is a problem with you. Rather, it is something that you simply need to manage. My desire is to support you in avoiding or beating depression by addressing what I like to call, ‘The Big Four’.

Here’s to owning your emotional health in pregnancy and beyond!


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