Urgent Signs of Depression to Watch for in New Fathers

Urgent Signs of Depression to Watch for in New Fathers March 2, 2020Leave a comment

Parenting brings certain challenges and these can start in pregnancy, whether new mothers or fathers are ready or not.

Much has been said about pregnant and postpartum women experiencing anxiety and depression. But mothers are not the only ones who can have problems with their mental health during pregnancy. Other family members can struggle too. Today we are going to keep discussing dads.


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Info for New Fathers – Did You Know?


Can you spot anxiety or depression in new fathers? Here are some symptoms you can look out for if you love, or are a new dad:



Our research shows that healthy partner relationships are one of the four pillars that can promote strong mental health when welcoming a new child into the world. For that to happen, both parents need  support.

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Now that you know to look for, learn how to help new dads suffering from anxiety and depression in our next post.



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