Thank you for reaching out for assistance. This page is for healthcare providers seeking help for next steps on how to help women in their care. Please note that our area of expertise is in perinatal mental health.

We have included helpful links that offer cutting edge insight into how to support pregnant women’s emotional well-being. While some of these sites also include information on other aspects of pregnancy, we have included them on the basis of the excellent information they offer on perinatal mental health.

Edinburgh Post-Natal Depression Scale (EPDS): This is a globally recognized tool used for screening anxiety and/or depression in pregnant women or those who have recently given birth.

Healthy Parents Healthy Children: This website provides helpful insight in both emotional wellbeing and physical health via articles and tools for pregnant women, parents and healthcare providers.

Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE): This Australian based website provides the best, most current and most comprehensive perinatal mental health guidelines today with a breakdown for psychologists, general practitioners, mental health nurses, maternal child and family health nurses, obstetricians, midwives and more. Contact them directly for more information and assistance via email at:

Beyond Blue: Beyond Blue is an Australian, independent non-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, suicide, anxiety disorders and other mental disorders. Click here to go directly to Beyond Blue’s Pregnancy and New Parents section.

Drug Rehab – Advanced Recovery Systems: Pregnancy should be an exciting and empowering time in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, addiction and mental health problems can compromise a woman’s safety and well-being. There’s hope for recovery, though. Click here for ‘Addiction and Pregnancy: A Guide for Mothers‘.

Fathers Mental Health: A Toronto based resource for dads from Mount Sinai Hospital with information for both new and seasoned dads.

Dads in Gear: A Vancouver based resource for Dads dads from the University of British Columbia – including information on being a dad, health advice and quitting smoking.

Australian Men’s Shed Association: A resource that supports men’s health.

Men More resources for men, by men.

7Cups: Need someone to talk to? 7Cups connects you to caring listeners for free emotional support.

Safety and Wellness During Distressing Times

Canadian Women’s Foundation: List of shelters and services divided by geographical location for women at risk of assault, abuse or sexual violence.

Canada Suicide Prevention Service: The Canada Suicide Prevention Service is available 24/7 for phone calls and 4pm to 12am ET for text messaging. Call 1-833-456-4566 or text ‘Start’ to 45645.

Women looking for a list of mental health helplines, suicide hotlines, and depression advice centers listed by country can click here.

Helpful Articles and Resources from Dr. Dawn Kingston

Simple Self-Screening Tool for Women – Identifying Anxiety and Depression Symptoms in Pregnancy Based on the Whooley Screening Tool 

The Symptoms of Mood Swings, Depression and Anxiety: A checklist to assist in identifying the differences and symptoms a pregnant woman may be experiencing.

How to Create New Thought Patterns to Prevent Prenatal Anxiety: Guest article at Maternity Comfort Solutions.

Let’s Talk About Mental Health With Dr. Dawn Kingston: Guest podcast interview with Erica Ziel.

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