Powerful Reasons Why Caring for a New Dad’s Mental Health is Important

Powerful Reasons Why Caring for a New Dad’s Mental Health is Important February 24, 2020Leave a comment

February can be a tricky month. On one hand, it is known as ‘the month of love,’ as Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle. On the other, it is well known that many people get the ‘February blues,’ and for good reason with its cold wintry weather and Daylight Savings still a month away to signal longer days.


While much research has been done in postpartum depression and some understanding is starting to form around perinatal mental health, the conversation around men’s mental health during pregnancy and fatherhood has been less discussed.

Despite the spotlight being primarily on mothers, research from McGill University tells us: “… a significant number of first-time expectant fathers experience depression during their partner’s pregnancy.”


Research studies done by our team have found that healthy partner relationships are one of the five major pillars to supporting emotionally healthy moms. To do this we need to start by making sure that the mental health needs of men are also met.


What are are some triggers that may be causing conflict between you and your partner?

Tune in next time as we dive into signs of depression to watch for in new dads.


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