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Help spread the message about depression and anxiety during pregnancy

Dawn and her team are passionate about helping women and their families have the best start to life by improving maternal mental health. Her research focuses on improving perinatal mental healthcare by developing and evaluating approaches for screening and treating women who struggle with depression and anxiety during pregnancy.

On this page you will find information about how you can get in touch with Dawn in person for interviews, and speaking engagements — as well how you can use articles from this website as a resource for your own audiences online.



Dr. Dawn Kingston and her team are passionate about helping women and their families have the best start to life by improving maternal mental health. She is Canada’s only endowed research chair in perinatal mental health, and also holds the prestigious national New Investigator Award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Her research focuses on improving perinatal mental healthcare by developing and evaluating approaches for screening and treating women who struggle with depression and anxiety during pregnancy. She and her team are leading the field in using e-technology for screening and therapy in pregnant women so that women can get help whenever they need it, wherever they are.

Dawn’s work also aims to understand the consequences of early adverse childhood experiences, particularly poor perinatal mental health, on child mental health and development.

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How Can I Connect with Dawn?

The Pregnancy Brain Blog includes articles about relationships, guilt & perfectionism, stress management, and mental health history. Feel free to reference this content in your own blog, and make use of excerpts. Include a link back to to help your audience learn more about the topic.

You can contact Dawn Kingston at to get the conversation started, so that we can see if Dawn is a good fit for your event.

Some talks that Dawn has given cover topics such as:

  • Women and their supporters.
  • How you know you have more than mood swings: Knowing what anxiety and depression in pregnancy looks like.
  • Perfectionism and guilt.
  • Preventing depression and anxiety in pregnancy.
  • Caring for your emotional health in pregnancy….and beyond.
  • About anxiety and depression in pregnancy.
  • What you can do in pregnancy to prevent postpartum depression.
  • What and how to screen for depression and anxiety in pregnancy.
  • Perinatal mental health 101: The basics…and more.
  • What women want: Educating your patients about perinatal mental health.
  • Psychotherapy vs Medication: Current Evidence.

The Dr. Dawn Kingston Facebook page has a number of video posts. If you manage a Facebook group or page, connect with Dawn to find out what would be a good fit for your audience.

If you represent a newspaper, television show, magazine, website, podcast, etc. Dr. Dawn Kingston is available for interviews. Please contact us at for more information on how to set up an interview with Dawn.

Dawn has been featured in numerous blogs and appeared on various media outlets, and we’ve collected a few for you below.

She is also a regular contributing expert writer at Psychology Today and has written for PsychCentral in the past.


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Explore Calgary: Can a little anxiety be good for you? A look at different types of anxiety and what makes them disorders, by Jane Chamberlin

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Regular Contributor to The Natural Parent Magazine:

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7 Cups: How Infertility and Stress Are Linked (And What to Do) 

7 Cups: Using Sleep During Pregnancy to Prevent Postpartum Depression

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My Baba: How to Deal with Emotional & Physical Changes During Pregnancy

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Pinky McKay: The Warning Signs of PRE-Natal Depression

Healthy Lifestyle Podcast: Postpartum Depression: What is it? With Dr. Dawn Kingston

Lois Hole Hospital for Women: The Lois Hole Hospital for Women Cross-Provincial Chair in Perinatal Mental Health
Cross Provincial Chair in Perinatal Health
So Every Pregnant Woman Can Be Checked for Healthy Emotional Wellness – Partnership with Shoppers Drugmart Run for Women and Lois Hole Hospital for Women

Famme Baby:  ’Stemmingswisselingen tijdens je zwangerschap of prenatale depressie: dit is het verschil’ (‘Mood Swings During Your Pregnancy or Prenatal Depression: This is the Difference’), by Maaike Kooijman

University of Calgary: Faces of Change: ‘Sometimes, the most profound changes – leaps of faith, confidence instilled, determination renewed – are the hardest to see; here’s poignant proof of the transformative impact of philanthropy.’

Occasionally Dawn and her team may consider a collaborative project. Please contact us at to outline your idea.

Recent Collaborative Projects


IGTV interview with Nicole from @your.prenatal.nutritionist on Instagram: ‘In this interview we chat about all things mental health in pregnancy, why it is important, signs you may require support, and how to prioritize your mental health.’ 


Partnered with to offer newsletter subscribers of an exclusive discount code for prenatal yoga classes.

Partnered with Dr. Afirah Naz of @happybrainsforhealthyhearts on Instagram to provide a deep breathing exercise training session for her community.


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