Helping New Dads Suffering from Anxiety and Depression

Helping New Dads Suffering from Anxiety and Depression March 23, 2020Leave a comment

Feeling like you are the only dad in the room who ‘doesn’t have it all together’? Are you suffering in silence? You are not alone. PANDA National offers hope by sharing stories. These are recovery stories of men who have experienced perinatal anxiety and depression. Read about how one dad, Israel, felt like he was failing as a husband and a father or about another, Wilfred, who wrestled with feelings of guilt for experiencing anxiety and depression after the physical struggles his wife endured in pregnancy.


You Are Not Alone

Getting help as a new dad is nothing to be ashamed of and can be really freeing. The sooner you or your partner gets help, the sooner you can recover. One barrier to getting help is stigma, so people struggling may work hard at hiding how they really feel. If you are a partner, family or friend of a new dad you think may be suffering from perinatal anxiety, depression or psychosis, you can look for some signs and symptoms.

With increased awareness of the effects of perinatal emotional health struggles, more medical staff are becoming aware of the strain and long-term effects of untreated anxiety and depression in the family. Many parents have received help and gone on to enjoy each other and their baby.

Depending on how much you or your partner is struggling, here are some options as to how to move forward in recovery:

Basic Tips for New Dads

If a New Dad is Feeling Blue or Anxious


If a New Dad is Experiencing Prolonged Periods of Anxiety or Depression


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These graphics are downloadable so you can easily share them with friends and family who may benefit from this information.

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