Can You Recognize Anxiety/Depression in Dads?

Can You Recognize Anxiety/Depression in Dads? November 15, 2021Leave a comment

During November, we want to shine a spotlight on dads. This is typically a time when men’s mental and physical health are highlighted with the support of the Movember campaign. Chuck Bruce from the Mental Health Commission of Canada says this:

‘At the MHCC, we have long advocated for increased awareness of the unique mental health realities faced by men, who are less likely to recognize, talk about, and seek treatment for their illness. In the throes of a global pandemic, the need to support men’s mental health and promote resiliency has never been greater.’ – Chuck Bruce

While we spend most of the year educating, supporting and raising awareness on pregnant and postpartum mental health, we believe it is also important to talk about dads’ mental health. Despite this topic being often overlooked, it is important that the signs and symptoms of anxiety and/or depression in dads are addressed.

Facts on Dads Experiencing Depression:

This is why it is important to address mental health struggles in dads!

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Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety and/or Depression in Dads

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Signs to watch for may include:

  • Fear of being alone with baby
  • Sleep problems unrelated to baby’s sleep schedule
  • Sudden changes to appetite
  • Withdrawing from family/friends
  • Difficulty focusing on activities
  • Persistent headaches

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Can you recognize these signs? While dads may not exhibit all of these signs, if he is exhibiting a few for 2+ weeks, it is worth talking with your healthcare provider.

Click here for a comprehensive list of resources dedicated to dads’ mental health.

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