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Are You At Risk for Pregnancy Depression? – Relationships

What are some triggers that may be causing conflict between you and your partner? In this 18sec video, I identify the third major risk factor that can affect your emotional health during pregnancy. I encourage you to take this opportunity to talk openly with your partner about what may be causing stress in your relationship […]

Pregnancy Anxiety & Postpartum Depression During COVID-19

We are – all of us – living in unprecedented times. At the best of times, my research team and I would encourage pregnant women and their loved ones to take extra care to be emotionally healthy during pregnancy. Now as we go through COVID-19 it is more important than ever. Read on to find […]

How to Calm Your Nerves About Pregnancy During COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected lives all over the world, but for pregnant women this can make a stressful situation even harder to deal with. Did you know that depression and are the most common problems that women face in pregnancy? Add the worries of a pandemic to the mix and you have a lot […]

COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

Looking after your mental health during COVID-19 Our team of perinatal mental health researchers at recognize that the stress factors that come with pregnancy and parenting are difficult, the added stress of  the unexpected and sudden arrival of the coronavirus adds a new layer of anxiety and depression that most of us were unprepared […]

10 Tips to Keep Romance Alive on the Parenting Pathway

For the final post in this 4-part series, I want to start by circling back to why I wanted to shine a light on dads’ mental health. Our research into prenatal anxiety and depression highlights four major areas that can effectively promote strong emotional health in pregnancy and beyond. These areas are: Find out how […]

Urgent Signs of Depression to Watch for in New Fathers

Parenting brings certain challenges and these can start in pregnancy, whether new mothers or fathers are ready or not. Much has been said about pregnant and postpartum women experiencing anxiety and depression. But mothers are not the only ones who can have problems with their mental health during pregnancy. Other family members can struggle too. Today […]