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Are You At Risk for Pregnancy Depression? – Relationships

What are some triggers that may be causing conflict between you and your partner? In this 18sec video, I identify the third major risk factor that can affect your emotional health during pregnancy. I encourage you to take this opportunity to talk openly with your partner about what may be causing stress in your relationship […]

HOPE 3.0 Mental Health Web-App for Women Now LIVE!

To our wonderful community of healthcare professionals, moms and mental health supporters: HOPE – Mental Health Web-App for Women We are so thrilled to announce that the HOPE App for mental health that we’ve been working on and sharing about from time to time is now AVAILABLE! This is the 3rd version of the app. […]

5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety

What is anxiety? Therapy Notebooks gives this description: “Anxiety is characterized by excessive worry that is difficult to control, ruminating on the past, or avoiding things we fear might trigger us further. ⁠It can also induce physical symptoms (which) can interrupt our lives in ways big and small, and can impact our ability to manage […]

Should Moms Ask and Accept Help While Exhausted?

On being closed to help while exhausted: Last week I shared the following: “This morning an article landed in my inbox talking about motherhood and burnout, and how this percentage has only gone up since the pandemic began. ⁠ ⁠ Understandable many moms are stressed and burned out. I sympathized with the writer writing the […]

Can You Spot the Signs of Anxiety or Depression in Dads?

This time last year when we published a post on dads mental health, we talked about the ‘February blues’. ‘February can be a tricky month. On one hand, it is known as ‘the month of love,’ as Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle. On the other, it is well known that many people get […]

When Family Gatherings Add More Stress Than Support for Moms

How do you navigate the challenges of relationships that are often part of holiday gatherings (even if it is done digitally this year over Zoom)? Living in your upper brain is a life strategy that will help you to manage difficult family and relationship situations. I call this a life strategy because it will help […]

Resources for Dads’ Mental Health

As we enter November, we shine the spotlight on dads. This is typically when mental health awareness for men is raised via the Movember campaign where men grow out their moustaches or by individuals speaking out. Chuck Bruce from the Mental Health Commission of Canada says this: ‘At the MHCC, we have long advocated for increased awareness […]