10 Tips to Keep Romance Alive on the Parenting Pathway

10 Tips to Keep Romance Alive on the Parenting Pathway March 26, 2020Leave a comment

For the final post in this 4-part series, I want to start by circling back to why I wanted to shine a light on dads’ mental health. Our research into prenatal anxiety and depression highlights four major areas that can effectively promote strong emotional health in pregnancy and beyond. These areas are:


Find out how Relationships can help mental health

Find out how Guilt & Perfectionism can affect mental health

Find out how Stress Management can improve your mental health

Find out how past Mental Health History can affect you/your partner moving forward

A support system built on trust with partners, family and friends play an important role in maternal mental health. That in turn affects the future health of your child and family. While much has been said on postpartum depression in moms and we are playing our part in addressing prenatal anxiety and depression, the emotional wellbeing of one of these key supports – the dads – is vital to healthy families.


In the last three posts, we looked at what and why…

After getting help, how can both parents move forward?

Here are 10 ways to keep romance alive and build strong foundations relationally and as parents.


I hope this series has been helpful and I wish you, your partner and your family healthy emotional ties. Interested in hearing more from dads themselves? Check out this video on ‘Dad Advice’ as well as the Australian Men’s Shed Association, a resource dedicated to men’s health.







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