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Does This Sound Like You?

Stop feeling the stress and disillusionment that comes from not accomplishing the work you really want to do to have the impact you really desire.

Academics from many universities share with me the following challenges about being successful in academia:

  • They feel torn in too many directions, and this busyness keeps them from getting to their essential, unique work. Over time, they feel disillusioned about their lack of productivity, impact and influence.
  • They feel unfocused and distracted from taking too many “pseudo-opportunities” that don’t contribute to their essential work.
  • They feel like they are just treading water day after day without making contributions that have lasting impact to what they set out to do when they entered academia.
  • They hold back from important opportunities that could propel their success forward because they don’t feel confident or ready.
  • They are disheartened by not getting funded, which drives their confidence down.
  • They feel frustrated by being unprepared to establish or lead teams, and ill-equipped to manage team conflict and challenges that derails their projects.
  • They feel unsupported in their professional and career development.
  • They feel burned out.

Our Proprietary Solution

It doesn’t have to be this way. My practice offers a proprietary coaching solution, tailor-made for academics that prepares them to experience early success, have highly productive, impactful and sustainable programs of research, and establishes them as recognized leaders in their field.

With our solution, everything changes:

  • You have renewed clarity about what your essential work entails, and this enables you to create and enact a focused program of research with clear direction about what opportunities to accept or decline.
  • You no longer become distracted by “pseudo-opportunities” that take enormous amounts of time and energy with little contribution to your essential work.
  • You are highly productive, contributing regularly and in significant ways to your essential, unique work.
  • You feel energized by the contributions you make to your essential work and experience renewed sense of creativity as you move forward, building in your field.
  • You create a body of work that is impactful and influential – making the difference you imagined when you entered academia.
  • You feel confident and prepared to move on important opportunities, propelling your success forward.
  • You are skilled at establishing and leading teams, managing team conflict and challenges effectively and enhancing team performance to increase the team’s productivity and output quality.
  • You have a clear annual plan with specific quarterly and monthly goals that supports your forward career progress. You have a well-defined strategy for your professional development.

Our Unique Edge

Unlike others, we have a proprietary methodology that is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of academics. Dr. Dawn Kingston, PhD, is a successful academic, having achieved early success in obtaining highly competitive national funding and publishing over 45 articles in high-impact peer-reviewed journals in her first four years of academia. She holds Canada’s first research chair in perinatal mental health (Lois Hole Hospital for Women’s Cross-provincial Chair in Perinatal Mental Health). Dr. Kingston’s research has had international, national and provincial impact. She is a co-author on Canada’s first national clinical practice guideline on perinatal mental health. She is collaborating with Alberta’s provincial health system to scale-up a universal model of perinatal mental health e-screening, e-referral, and e-therapy that she and her team developed and tested. Implemented into the provincial platform, this model will offer all pregnant and postpartum women in Alberta the opportunity to be screened and treated for mental health problems. Dr. Kingston is a popular speaker, highly sought at local to international venues.


As a new academic at the University of Calgary, I have had the pleasure of being coached by Dawn.  Her sage manner and thoughtful guidance has contributed to the ease in which I have transitioned into this new stage.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being coached by Dawn, and highly recommend this experience to others.
~Dr. C. Ginn, PhD

Having Dawn as an academic coach has been inspirational. I appreciate how she asks just the right questions to allow me to think deeper and see in ways that I haven’t seen before. She believes in me and gently pushes me to move past perceived barriers by encouraging effective time management and academic goal setting. I see Dawn as a mentor and a motivator and I look forward to every coaching session.

~Dr. J. Smith, PhD

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your coaching expertise. I have been professionally coached at the national level in equestrian competition, and have been exposed to a variety of coaching styles- some excellent, some not so excellent. It is with this experience that I approached our coaching sessions.

I was excited to begin our sessions, but I admit I was nervous about whether I would find it helpful. Your style of communication is so pleasant- I felt comfortable right away. Although I ended up sharing incredibly private thoughts and concerns about my ambitions, hopes and dreams- I felt completely at ease. I felt honourably heard and valued. I have grown to love this time in which I can set aside the needs and demands of others and focus on my own needs and desires. This opportunity doesn’t happen very often in life, and it has become a highlight for me.
You have created a safe and pleasant space in which I can think out loud, process difficult ideas and express myself. I never feel like you’ve told me what to do, what to decide or how to proceed with something. I decide. But I decide with the help of someone whose only interest seems to be whatever is best for me and my growth.
Through your sessions, I have rekindled my love for painting and my drive to get stories down on paper. You have helped me develop skills I needed for my work… all of which has added tremendous value to my quality of life. I truly feel like I’ve found my voice.

I recommend your coaching sessions to any woman who wants to become more… whatever more means to her!
My deepest thanks for allowing me to participate in your coaching sessions-
N. Roy


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