Resources that Will Definitely Improve Your Well-Being!

I confess! I am an information junkie! I love to learn from books, audio books, podcasts, and great blogs. I have a feeling that compiling these resources in this part of the website will be terrific fun!

Topic: Goal-Setting

This is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard on goal setting. I don’t consider myself a beginner in goal-setting, but I found this extremely rich. There is something for everyone. By Michael Hyatt: Goal Setting for Beginners.

Topic: Setting Priorities

Greg McKeown is one of my favourite authors and leaders. I’ve read his book, Essentialism, 6 times now between my hard copy and my audio version (while running!). I would class it as the best book I’ve read this year. In this podcast on The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, Michael Hyatt interviews Greg McKeown on Essentialism. It’s a terrific listen and might entice you to pick up his book!

Topic: Setting Boundaries and Limits

I love Dr. Henry Cloud’s work. His books are a great combination of research and clinical expertise. His book, Boundaries, is considered a ‘classic’.

Topic: Exercise and Wellbeing

Spark, by John Ratey, M.D., is a great book. Based on science, it does a great job of linking the science of exercise to mental well-being. It makes me want to get out and run!

One of the books that has influenced my daily habits the most this year is Get Up: Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It by James Levine, M.D. This book is clearly written, has a strong evidence base, and is also humorous. Levine actually presents one disease for every letter of the alphabet that is due to sitting. Best of all, he writes in a compelling manner. After I read this, my husband build a functional (not beautiful) desk to attach to my treadmill for under $20. I walk at 2.5 km/h while writing and I love it. I’m like a little rat now….can barely think unless my feet are moving on the treadmill! Pick it up and enjoy.

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