What’s Wrong with Me?

A Question that Over 50% of Pregnant Women Ask Themselves

For most pregnant women and their partners, a discussion about emotional health quickly turns to postpartum depression. It’s the thing that every couple knows about…and every couple fears. News stories about new mothers hurting their children loom large in people’s minds, and serve to remind people that “we really need to do something about this.” […]

Emotional Health Problems in Pregnancy: A Taboo Topic

  Prenatal emotional health problems are a taboo topic in our society. Pregnancy expectations are high. Women are meant to be glowing, healthy, happy, excited, and beautiful. Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of growth, moving forward, rekindling of relationships with partners, and of making bright future plans. For every four pregnant women you […]

Help! How Can Pregnant Women Get Help with Anxiety, Depression or Stress?

Last week I met with a group of family physicians and obstetricians during grand rounds at a local community hospital. I was invited to give a presentation on perinatal mental health, especially during pregnancy. Why? Because while postpartum depression is often the focus of the medical community and the public alike, the fact is that […]

Pregnancy Loss and Depression: The Untold Story

Last week, I gave a public lecture at our local women’s hospital. I love the opportunity to interact with the community because I hear about what’s really on women’s minds and hearts. After the talk, several women approached me for follow-up discussion and comments. Two of these women shared the same experience: pregnancy loss. They […]

4 Science-based Habits that Can Protect Your Mental Health

As early as the 1950’s, the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed its vision for No Health Without Mental Health. In fact, this idea was first put forth by the first Director-General of WHO, Dr. Brock Chisholm, a psychiatrist who strongly believed that there could be no true physical health without mental health. It was WHO’s firm […]

Were You Bullied as a Child? It Might Still Be Having An Effect On You….

New Study from JAMA Psychiatry about Bullying

GA is indelibly printed on my brain. He was the class bully in my 4th grade. And, he LOVED to play cat and mouse with me. The problem is that I was the mouse…and he was the cat. GA would stand on one side of the street, pacing back and forth, jeering at me and […]

Bah Humbug! What Does Ebenezer Scrooge Have to Do with Adverse Childhood Experiences?

When you think back to your childhood, what is your earliest childhood memory? Is it a positive memory that fills you with a warm nostalgia of days gone by? Of course, this is what we want for our children. However, for many, their earliest memories conjure up a time that they have no desire to […]

“Don’t Worry!” This Might Be the Worst Advice You Can Give

Picture a room filled with 100 pregnant women. Research tells us that as many as 25 of these women will experience high stress, anxiety, or depression while they’re pregnant. But, among these 25 women who are struggling, only a fraction will ever get help. Why? Why Don’t Pregnant Women Get the Help They Need? It’s […]

It’s Not Just About Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression touches all of us. Either you’re a new mom who has experienced it yourself, or you know of someone else who has had postpartum depression. In fact, our studies show that 50% of men and women over the age of 18 personally know someone who has struggled with depression after giving birth. But […]