The Power of Choice: A Parable

I recently read two business parables that I quite enjoyed: The Weekly Coaching Conversation (Brian Souza) and the ever popular, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni). I discovered the power of this kind of story to teach valuable lessons about leadership and life. I decided to try my hand at writing a parable […]

3 Reasons You Should Be an Essential Academic

The way to be more successful, productive and impactful

Almost universally, when you ask an academic why they chose a career in the academe, they’ll say “to make a difference.” Yet, one of the most widely cited struggles in academia is having too many things to do and too little time to devote the important things that bear the most impact. The result? Frustration. […]

Introverts Are Effective Leaders, Too!

Susan Cain, lawyer and author of Quiet, calls it the “Myth of Charismatic Leadership.” It is the mantra that successful leaders are extroverts. However, evidence is busting that myth, creating recognition that those who tend to the side of introversion can also be effective leaders. Armstrong: The Quintessential Introvert I love biographies of space exploration. […]

Part 1: Self-compassion – Necessary for Overcoming the Fears that Most Hold Us Back

Self-compassion is more than a nice way to be to oneself. If we don’t have it, we won’t be able to make our best contributions at home or work. Researchers who study self-compassion agree that self-compassion is being kind and understanding toward oneself rather than engaging in self-criticism when we face failure or feel inadequate. […]

Making Your Highest Contributions through the Power of Rituals

High performers are often known for being driven to be productive and successful, and commonly at an early stage of career. They have a high level of focus, and it has served them well in helping them to develop expertise that makes them a sought after colleague. And while those characteristics are admirable, they can […]

How to Escape the High-Performer Trap

We can be held back from making our best contributions because we don’t choose the best of the best. We fall into the high-performer trap…. Summer is almost over. We know it because when we go to buy pens at the office supply store we see mounds of school supplies in all colours and varieties. As we see […]

Part 3: Strategies for Setting Ridiculously Clear Boundaries

Setting ridiculously clear boundaries is essential if you want to move forward and make your best contributions – at work or at home. But many of us shipwreck our schedules, projects, and priorities because we haven’t mastered this essential skill, only to end up feeling frustrated, consumed and out-of-control. This article will help you to […]

Part 2: The Secret to Avoiding Pitfalls that Hold You Back from Making Boundary Decisions

Setting boundaries is one of the most foundational strategies for making our greatest contributions. Yet, many women allow five common pitfalls to hold them back from taking steps to set boundaries that would enable them to make their highest contributions. These pitfalls tend to be internal pitfalls….that are powerful enough to affect our self-assurance, our confidence […]

Part 1: Influential Women Know Why Setting Boundaries is Critical for Making their Greatest Contributions

Setting boundaries is critical for making our best contributions. It’s one of the single best strategies that influential women use to ensure that they have a sustainable impact in the areas of their lives that matter most to them. Without healthy boundaries, we can become distracted from our most important priorities. We lose focus, what Daniel […]

How to Change the Two Words in Your Life that Will Hold You Back

4 Key Strategies

In the last post, I talked about two words with power enough to hold you back in your life: SHOULD and SHOULDN’T This week, I’ll give you 4 practical, doable, effective strategies for moving out of the should/shouldn’t zone. These strategies will help you to put aside the barriers that may be holding you back […]